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I’m a writer and photographer. In addition to showcasing my personal work, this site collects content and resources for anyone involved in creative effort of any kind, focusing on art, ideas and the process of becoming more human. In addition, keep an eye out for the upcoming Studio page, with information about the professional and commercial services I offer, and consider signing up for my email list.

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I’m a writer and photographer. This site provides a portal to my personal and professional work. Look out for the upcoming Studio page, with information about the services I offer. The Wrydeology Blog, written for creatives of all kinds, contains meditations on art, ideas, and how the creative process helps us become more human.

My new poem “The Rights of the Dying” has just been published in Issue 8 of Humana Obscura. It’s a beautiful chunk of paper and nice, for once, to have something you can hold in your hand. 

The newest edition of Ink in Thirds Journal is out now, and contains my poem, “The Casual Death of Someone You Kind of Knew.” There’s a lot of other great work to browse, including art, photography and short prose.

Artsy picture of the edge of a building taken from street level and emphasizing the circle of a mirror.

I wrote a blog post about resistance. Why is it so hard for so many to sit down and do something they are ostensibly passionate about? Where does creative resistance come from?

6 Aspects of a Successful Creative Process

1. Love the process. You must love the act of creating and not merely the idea of it, not merely the daydream of a completed work. Success is not guaranteed, although hard work can increase your odds and there is nothing wrong with ambition. But success usually comes...


Inspiration is an often talked-about phenomenon crucial to any exceptional creative enterprise. Beyond a basic dictionary definition, it can be difficult to elucidate and conceptualize, its objective qualities muddied by the experiences of divergent personalities in diverging fields–from science to business to the arts and beyond; not to mention the inherent complexities of individual temperament, inclination and personal taste. In this post, I offer a brief summary of inspiration as I have experienced it, aiming to provoke thought rather than inspire certainty.


I’m drawn to create as more than just a pastime. It’s something I feel encoded in my DNA with an almost mystical imperative. Why then, do I often have to drag myself to the page or camera? Why is it that more often or not, it’s agony to get started on what I love doing. Why do I dread it, skirt around it, avoid beginning at all costs?

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